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Practical Information

The conference will take place Monday, 23rd of May 2022, 9:30 AM - 16:00 PM (Time zone:CET). 

This webinar is free of charge. No registration.

Target group: 

  • Researchers
  • Educational staff
  • School owners
  • Policymakers
  • The Educational Psychological Services (EPS)
  • Student welfare workers
  • School nurse
  • Others

Where and how do I attend the conference?

Click on the webinar link. Registration form appears, with three short questions, before you get access to the streaming.

Then you come to the actual streaming page. Press the "Watch webinar" button in the middle of the screen and the streaming window will appear. Streaming will begin at 09:15 AM, and the conference will start automatically at 9:30 AM 

The seminar language is English, but all presentations will be translated into Norwegian Sign Language.

We reccommend that you use one of the following search engines: Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari (Explorer does not work).


The website the conference is broadcast from is divided into 2 parts; Video image on the left and "Statped Chat" on the right. Here you have the opportunity to submit professional questions to the chat host. In the parallel posts, the lecturers answer the chat.

You have different options for customizing the page:
You can click the F5 key if the chat window does not appear in your home.
Delete chat: Press the full screen button in the lower right of the video image. (when the mouse cursor touches the Full Screen icon, it appears and screen tips on the screen where it says full screen).

You can also navigate via keyboard shortcuts by using Tab, Space, Enter and the arrow keys or numbers.

  • Tab - moves on to the next interactive item
  • Shift + Tab - moves to the previous interactive item
  • Space or Enter - activates the selected interactive element


The majority of the presentations will be published on the website after the conference, where the presenters have given their permission. This usually takes approximately 2 weeks, as our policy is to provide text subtitles for all our published materials. You will be able to access them at

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