Recordings from the pre-conference

The preconference will focus on technology and tactile reading.


28th April 2021

  • Can you imagine the internet without pictures? All of our knowledge is on the internet today. A huge majority of that is in a form of pictures, maps, charts and graphs. The problem is that blind people have limited access to them. With Feelif technology the blind can feel and recognize digital graphic content on the standard touchscreen.

    Katarina Pavšek

    Content Designer at Feelif d.o.o.


  • Based on revolutionary Tactuator™ technology from Orbit Research, the Graphiti® represents a breakthrough in non-visual access to graphical information such as charts, drawings, flowcharts, floorplans, images and photographs, through an array of moving pins. The most unique feature of the technology is the ability to set each pin to different heights, which enables the display of topographical maps and other graphical elements such as shades and color represented as varying heights of pins that can be readily sensed by the user’s fingers.

    Connectable to computers, tablets, smartphones, or the Orion TI-84 Plus Talking Graphing Calculator via a USB port or Bluetooth, its open API allows developers to create apps on any platform to work with the Graphiti. Additionally, an HDMI port allows connection to any device with a video display output, making Graphiti an external tactile display monitor. This enables any device to connect seamlessly to Graphiti. The unit also includes a cursor pad for navigation, and an SD-card slot and USB port to load files for reading and editing in a standalone mode.

    Venkatesh Chari

    President, Orbit Research


  • Taking electronic braille to a different level of functionality for reading displays, redefining existing technology in order to keep Braille relevant for the next generation.

    Greg Stilson

    Head of global innovations at APH


    Andrew Flatres

    Product Manager, Humanware



  • The HT Instructor is an App on a tablet computer through which a teacher can better support his students using a Braille display in the classroom situation. For this purpose, HT Instructor converts the information displayed on up to 4 Braille displays of students in real time on the tablet computer. With the Braille display of the teachers it is possible to observe individual students and their reading position in real time.

    Sigi Kipke

    Dipl.-Ing. and CEO, Help Tech

    Help Tech is an expert supplier of technical aids for blind and visually impaired people. We develop, produce and distribute electronic aids. We are the world’s leading manufacturer of Braille displays. Help Tech (previously Handy Tech) is known to be a manufacturer since 1994 of high-quality products made in Germany.



  • Round Table Discussion.
    Welcome to a talk about future directions on technology and tactile reading, mainstream technology and impact, possibilities and threats.

    Morten Tollefsen

    Head of Research, MediaLT, moderator


    Gilles Pepin

    Founder & CEO, Humanware


    Noel Duffy

    Dolphin Computer Access


    George Kerscher

    Chief Innovations Officer, DAISY Consortium


    Svein-Erik Morkemo

    Father of visually impaired high school student.